Hemyock’s Redwood buses

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Riding the Redwood buses in Hemyock

Have a look at these great photos of people enjoying themselves on the Redwood buses from Hemyock.

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The last goods train leaving Hemyock station.

The last train to leave Hemyock, a diesel engine No. 8Z 80. 31st October 1975.

The remains of Hemyock Station 1975.

An elevated view of the remains of Hemyock Station in 1975. The Station building has been demolished. The building seen on the right was once a cafe. The kissing gate in the foreground and the tracks have now long gone.

Culm Valley rail line 1963.

Clearing the line of snow in 1963.

Hemyock Station 1950.

An excellent elevated view of the station in the 1950s The track on the extreme left crossed the road and was used to deliver coal to the factory and to collect milk powder. The other track on the left only ran a few more feet into buffers. The track on the right also crossed the road and was used for milk collection.

Engine 1466.

Engine 1466 with a couple of admirers in the early 1960s

The arrival of a passenger train.

A later post card view showing the arrival of a passenger train at the station.

A view of Hemyock Station with Pencross Hill.

An early post card view looking towards Hemyock Station with Pencross Hill in the background