Todd Gray

Dr Todd Gray is currently broadcasting 15 minute pieces on aspects of Devon history every weekday on BBC Radio Devon at 1.10pm. These will run through June, and possibly July, and while all of our societies have stopped meeting for lectures these are meant to help alleviate the sense of isolation some of us are feeling.

The Devon & Cornwall Record Society is sponsoring a series of daily blogs by our leading heritage specialists (historians, archivists, archaeologists, librarians, writers and curators) in Devon and Cornwall on how life in quarantine has made them reevaluate history. These are running through June and July and can be found on the society’s Facebook page. The society exists to publish original documentary material and this year’s volume is a facsimile reproduction of Devon’s only woollen cloth collection – from the 1760s. It comes free with this year’s membership (at £16.50) or on publication later this year (at £30). Details can be found on our website.

Clayhidon Bellringers


Stan Guppy, Harold Sellick, Jim Redwood, Bill Mitcham, Hawkins, Roy Culverwell, Bert James.

Clayhidon Bellringers

Brenda Drew, Roy Culverwell, Jim Padfield, Bert James, Harold Sellick.

Clayhidon Bellringers

Thelma Blackmore, Michael Osmond, Maureen Bendle, Ginny Young, Dick Drew, Bert James, Harold Sellick
Jim Padfield, Peter Gregory, Carole King, Basil Hutchings, Roy Culverwell, Olive Knight.

Clayhidon Bellringers

Heather Proctor, Bob Brien, Bert James, Mike Osmond, Mike Reynolds, Jim Padfield.

Clayhidon Home Guard

left S Guppy, R Fouracre right A Scoble, E Braddick then bottom A Fouracre, H Taylor, P Howe

R F James and Geoff James about 1935

R F James Lorry

Hemyock High Street