The Hemyock Home Guard

The Hemyock Milk Factory

The Hemyock Milk Factory operated by Wilts United Dairies.

The Hemyock Milk Factory

Looking up to Pencross from behind Station Road taking in the Milk Factory which operated up until 1999.

A selection of the short horn calves after distribution in Hemyock Market

Hemyock was behind the Catherine Wheel and operated into the 1970’s.

The Canadian Manager of Factory inspecting the first young farmers

Canada was the first country to select Holstein Fresians as the select breed of milk producing cattle.
He was specialist given the job of improving the milk yield in the UK after the first world war and introduced the breed by giving a H-F calf to the children of farmers who then recorded what they were fed and eventually their milk yield. The heifers were then sold to farmers with £5 deducted as the cost of the calf when given to the children.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret with Miss Lowry of Hemyock

Princess Elizabeth at Guides parade

Coronation Committee 1911

1. ? 2. Jack Salter 3. Robert Graves 4. Alfred Wide 5. Rev J de B Forbes 6. Mr Hall Church Sexton
7. Mr Tait 8. Mr Pickard 9. Mr Brain 10. ? 11. Frank Hall (butcher) 12. ? 13 Mr Lutley 14. ?
15 Edwin Wide 16 Mr Baxter 17 ? 18 Bennie Parsons 19 Tom Lowman 20 ? 21 George Hart 22 ?
23 John Hart 24 Mr Cload

Coronation Committee by the new Pump on 14th August 1902

The inscription on the newly erected Pump says: In commemoration of the glorious reign of Victoria, the Coronation of Edward VII and restortation of peace in South Africa, 1902, fear God and honour the King

Hemyock Church Choir in 1955

From. L-R
Seated Jack Hart (Warden) Francis Hart (organist) Rev Stamp, Sonny Farmer (Warden) Sarah Lowman (chorister)
Standing – Judith Hannaford, Joyce Clapp, ?, Ronald Cork, ?, ?, Roy Salter, ?, Margaret Dunn, Marion Salter
Back row – ?, CJ Hannaford, ?, ?
as supplied by Janice Bawler 30/11/2023. Can you supply some of the missing names?