Kings Arms, Churchstanton in 1914

The Kings Arms, Churchstanton with the landlord in shirtsleeves by the trap.

The Square, Churchinford in 1920

Forresters Day at Churchinford

Cload’s Railway Hotel

This invoice to Mr Cload was from the Blacksmith for shoeing etc, presumably Mr Cload sent a horse and carriage down to the station to collect passengers arriving and staying at his hotel which became the Catherine Wheel much later. He may have operated a taxi service. The hotel was separate from the Pub which was called the Star, until 1928 when it was burned down.

Cload’s Railway Hotel

Receipt for goods supplied. The Catherine Wheel was called the Cload’s Railway Hotel up until part of the premises called the Star Inn was burnt down in 1928 when a traction engine passed by and a spark set the thatch on fire. Alfred Wide was the shop at the bottom of the High Street. This receipt is from 1896 signed by Alfred Wide who served in World War 1 throughout, sending letters back to his daughter who lives in Hemyock called Joan Cooper. He fought in the Battle of the Somme and survived, although injured. He then went back to the front line later, returning to Hemyock to work in the shop and play bowls. He was a stalwart of the Bowls Club.

The floods of 1963

1963 floods, The Square

1963 floods- Station road-1

1963 floods,  footpath @ the Castle-1

1963 floods,  Mis Kit Pike-1


Flash flood in Hemyock 1963/4

The result of a flash flood outside The Catherine Wheel c. 1963/4

Vic Marks visits the Catherine Wheel.

The Somerset cricketer, Vic Marks pulling a pint after opening the renovated Catherine Wheel in 1983. On the left are Jane and Keith Root, the licensees at that time.

The remains of The Star after a fire in 1928.

The remains of The Star after a fire destroyed it in 1928.