About our website

31/03/2011 Websites are never finished but there does come a time when ‘building’ becomes ‘maintenance’. For now, we have diverted our energy away from adding to the technology and instead, we are adding to the content. Each picture from our collection is being painstakingly reviewed, one-by-one. Where we can, we digitally enhance the photo and try to add any information we have available. We are also re-categorising the pictures in an attempt to make them more accessible. Please check back regularly and feel free to add your comments.

16/03/2011 We have added some more phots to the site, today. Now the collection is growing, we have changed our home page layout, to show the latest images added. This means, regular visitors to the site will be able to see new content.

15/03/2011 Now you can be first to know when we have added new content to this website. Add your email address and get notified of changes. Check out ‘Get email updates’ on the right-hand side of the page.

10/03/2011 Pop in to the Blackdown Healthy Living Centre and show a local one of the pictures on the newly installed, digital photo frame. Then stand back and listen to an amazing amount of local history and fascinating stories. To try and capture some of this wealth of information, it is now possible for website users from all over the world to view our images and add comments. This will help build a rounded history seen from all angles of our community. It’s easy to do in 3 simple steps. Learn how to help this project by adding a comment yourself.

Another Category has been added. Schools will hopefully help people track down some long lost memories and a few old freindships. The first page has been added to this category – An outing from the Rosemary Lane Chapel School, in 1934.

The site is now visible to search engines. Despite common myth, it will take a few months for the site to grow organically, to the top of the page rankings – the best way to get page rank.

07/03/11 Some of our work is generously funded by Making It Local and the Blackdown Hills AONB. To comply with their procedures, we have been busy with some financial housekeeping, this past weekend.

01/03/11 This week will see us exploring and adding to our list of categories. Our existing database uses ‘Locality’ and ‘Surname’. We are also adding ‘Date’, ‘Sport & Leisure’ and ‘Business & Trades’ to offer you more options and help you locate the information you need, faster. This is done ‘one photo at a time’ so it will be an on-going task for a while, as we bring the 2000+ images up-to-date.

26/02/11 We have been looking into Geotagging, this last week. Retrospective tagging would be a huge task but we think it might be worth it, in some cases. In short, we would add the location data of the photograph or document and when you click on the image, you will be shown how the place looks today, using Google Street View, in Google Maps. We have used the Post Office at Churchinford as an example.