Hemyock School performance

Pages 3 and 4 of Job Salter’s Dairy School Notebook from 1905

Job Salter

Hemyock Dairy School Notebook from 1905 by Job Salter

This is the first page of the notebook written by Job Salter when he attended the Hemyock Dairy School in 1905. The notebook contains 26 pages of well written instructions on how to look after milking cows, how to rear them and how to churn milk to produce butter with ideal temperatures and treating process.

Hemyock Market

Rev Forbes taking mens class in Hemyock Church Rooms

The Hemyock Church Rooms built by Rev John De Burgh Forbes ran a private school there and also classes for young men.

King Street elementary school Honiton

M, Strawbridge photos of old Honiton.

High Street, Kentisbeare

Churchinford Band