Hemyock High Street

Vera Gwendoline Griffin and Reginald James at Station Rd Shop

Original Hemyock Pump


The original Hemyock Pump back in 1890

Clayhidon Bellringers


Clayhidon Bellringers


The Clayhidon bellringing team.

John Cave New and Caroline Somers Smith New

John Cave New MD  1826 – 1901 and his wife Caroline Somers Smith New 1845 – 1926

lived at Craddock until their deaths as above leaving 6 children.  Craddock  was bought either by John’s father John New MD 1799 – 1862 and married to Harriet Cave or his grandfather John New 1769 – 1851 and married to Mary Bull. The New family were originally Bristol based merchants, who did well out of their estates in the Indies.

John Cave NewCaroline Somers Smith

An Uffculme Mills receipt.

A receipt from Uffculme Mills for oats and meal etc. to Mr. Clode, one of the village publicans dated Lady Day 1897.

Hemyock Infants in 1895

Photo of the Infants at Hemyock School in 1895.

Any names please?

Whitehall Manor

Photo of Whitehall Manor in Hemyock around 1900.