Mr Dick Ayres with prize cow at Bolham House 1933

Bolham House prize cow

Bolham House prize cow

Mr Dick Ayres with prize cow and calf in 1933

Mackham Farm early 1900s

Take a look at this great photo from the early 1900s at Mackam Farm.

Village Criers notice of forthcoming auction.

Village Criers notice of forthcoming auction.

Ashculm Farm 1926

A scene at Ashculm(e) Farm 1926. The lad in front is Fred Lawrence, the men L to R. are Harry Trott, Bob Tait and Percy Clist (who was killed in the war)

Dennis Farmer with his dairy cows

Dennis Farmer with his dairy cows outside the milking parlour at milking time.

Mackham Farm

A typical farmyard scene at Mackham, two farmers, Gilbert Forbear in the waistcoat and a friend watch the scene with knowing interest. All the requirements for such a farmyard are here, the henhouse and some hens, a dung heap with a winter’s accumulation of dung, three sows eating from their troughs and all of it outside the back door of the farmhouse.

Mr Hill turning a field full of hay.

Mr. Bert Hill driving his 3 wheeled, almost unique, Allis-Chalmers tractor, turning a field of hay with an Acrobat haymaking machine. The tractor was in use on Churchill’s Farm for many years. It has been restored and is still in Hemyock and is taken to many agricultural shows.

Two cart horses in Hemyock Square

Two cart horses in the Square. The man on the horse is riding in the normal sideways fashion as carthorses had backs too wide to straddle.

Hay ready for transport.

A full load of hay, it just needs the sides to be raked down before being hauled to the hay rick at the farm. The photograph (c.1920) was taken in an area that is now the Eastlands Estate