Vera Gwendoline Griffin and Reginald James at Station Rd Shop

Dr Griffin opening the new surgery.

Dr. John Griffin Senior opening the new surgery, 7th. December 1978. Next to Dr. Griffin is his wife and son, Michael and his wife Sheila. Dr. John Griffin Junior is on the extreme right in a light coloured raincoat (next to a small girl)

Official Unveiling ‘Welcome to Hemyock’


The official unveiling of the Welcome to Hemyock sign by Dr. John Griffin, (standing on the right). John Hooper the project co-ordinator is on the left. Behind the sign from L to R Pamela Gubb, Barbara Bowden, Les Bowden, Dennis Gubb, Barbara Churchill, Ruth Brooks, Rita Hooper, John Churchill and Derek Brooks.

Hemyock Surgery Float 1988

Carnival 1988. Hemyock Surgery’s Float, Dr. John Griffin in a white coat preparing to operate, Dr. Jonathan Meads in an outsize nappy, Dr. Donald McLintock dressed as a very fetching Staff nurse, holding a giant hypodermic syringe, with a number of patients and Mrs. Christine Meads disguised as Mrs. Thatcher looking on.