Hemyock Snooker Club 1991/2

Hemyock Snooker Club. 1991/2. Trophy winners – Tiverton District League.

L to R. Back row – Kevin Salter, Mark Eldridge, Les Bowden. Front row – Andrew Perrott, Nigel Gubb, Bill Howell.

Hemyock Cricket Club, late 1950’s.

Hemyock Cricket Club in the late 1950s.

L to R. Back row – M. Hadley, M. Casely, T. Young, R. Culverwell, L. Salter,

Front row – L. Bowden, D. Wide, G. Salter, C. Wide, T. Fouracre, M. Bowden.

Iolanthe 1978

Iolanthe 1978 L to R. Gwen Barnes, Alan Bell, Bryony Aston, Barbara Bowden, Tony Grosse, Jack Jones, Penny Trickey, Ron Coe, June Sparks.

Merrie England 1976

Merrie England 1976. Principals – Standing on the left, Alan Bell as Sir Walter Raleigh and Barbara Bowden as Bessie Throckmorton,

Standing front right Polly Eden as Queen Elizabeth and Jack Jones as the Earl of Essex, kneeling are John Ellis, Penny Trickey, John Ives, Sally Jackson, Tony Grosse, and Judith Lord with the full chorus.

Hemyock School Football Team 1979.

School football team 1979.

Back row L to R. Teacher J. Ellis, D.Sparks, L. Sloman, ?, R. Bowden

 Front Row. B.Denning, C.Jones, ?, ?, G. Payne.

Official Unveiling ‘Welcome to Hemyock’


The official unveiling of the Welcome to Hemyock sign by Dr. John Griffin, (standing on the right). John Hooper the project co-ordinator is on the left. Behind the sign from L to R Pamela Gubb, Barbara Bowden, Les Bowden, Dennis Gubb, Barbara Churchill, Ruth Brooks, Rita Hooper, John Churchill and Derek Brooks.

Coronation Celebrations 1953

Coronation Celebrations in the village in 1953. Dancing through the streets. Early leaders in the dance are Thelma Lowry and Mrs Pike, June Bradbury and Mary Salter, Barbara and Les Bowden, Mrs Netherway and Marjory Webber, Barbara Hole and Michael Pike, Mrs Reed followed by a large part of the population of Hemyock.

Carnival Float 1989

Carnival Float 1989, L to R. Barbara Churchill, Barbara Bowden, Les Bowden as a young evacuee, Jim Hawkins and John Churchill.

Carnival Float 1984

Carnival Float 1984,