School Photo from 1900


Photo of Hemyock School in 1900 with Mr Baxter.

The Hemyock Coronation Committee

Coronation Committee 1911.

1- ?, 2- Jack Salter, 3- Robert Graves, 4- Alfred Wide, 5- Rev de B. Forbes, 6- Mr.Hall (Church Sexton), 7- Mr.Tait, 8- Mr.Pickard, 9- Mr.Brain (Baptist Minister), 10- ?, 11. Frank Hall (butcher), 12- ?, 13. Mr.Lutley, 14–? , 15- Edwin Wide, 16- Mr.Baxter, 17- ?, 18- Bennie Parsons, 19 Tom Lowman, 20- ?, 21, George Hart, 22- ?, 23- John Hart, 24- Mr.Cload.


Coldharbour Mill Steam Engines

Picture of Pollit and Wigzell engine plate dated 1910

Pollit and Wigzell engine plate dated 1910

Coldharbour Mill is a 200 year old spinning mill, built by Thomas Fox, to spin woollen and later worsted yarns. The Mill is a rare example of surviving Georgian architecture, industry and enterprise and is based in Uffculme, Devon.

Picture of machinery at Coldharbour Mill

Machinery at Coldharbour Mill

The Steam Engines are regularly started up and on display to the public.

Picture of a steam engine used in manufacturing of cloth at Coldharbour Mill, Devon

Steam power made the mill one of the most successful in the country

The mill was famous for the production of putties, for the British Army.

Picture of steam engine at Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, Devon

Some of the engines are still in working order

World War 1 Veterans Return Home

Picture of 20 World War I venerans returning home to Upottery, Devon.

20 World War I venerans back safe to Upottery, Devon.

With all these veterans now sadly gone, it would be fitting to keep those who did return, known to us. If you have any information about these chaps or any others, please get in touch

Uffculme School Photos 1912

These two photos were taken at Uffculme School in 1912. The bottom left of the chalk boards being held, have the numbers 1 and 2 – the class numbers? The bottom right, it appears to be ‘BYO’ or ‘B70’.

Picture of Class 1, Uffculme School, 1912

Class 1, Uffculme School, 1912

The teacher on the left, in the following picture is Mrs Whittle. The teacher on the right is Miss Quant – later to become Mrs Leatt. Mr Leatt was the landlord of the Commercial Inn.

Picture of Class 2, Uffculme School, 1912

Class 2, Uffculme School, 1912

Cornhill, Hemyock

View of Cornhill up Castle Hill between 1902-1912

View of Cornhill up Castle Hill between 1902-1912

This scene shows the old cottages on Cornhill, heading out of Hemyock and up Castle Hill.

The cottages on the right, are long since gone. The building in the upper left of the shot, is the Church Rooms.We knew the picture was taken pre-1912 because of the loss of the cottages. Having reviewed the image again, together with modern footage of the same scene, we now also know, the picture was taken after 1902 – the date of construction of the house in the left of the picture, which is still standing.

Knights of Lower Munty Farm

Picture of the Knight Family at Lower Munty Farm 1919

William and Nellie Knight with daughter Doris. 1919.

William and Nellie White pictured outside Lower Munty Farm. Also pictured is their daughter, Nellie. Unfortunately, the poor family pet dog doesn’t get a mention!

This picture was taken in 1919.

Can you tell un more about the Knights? Do you have any connection with Lower Munty Farm?