The Hemyock Coronation Committee

Coronation Committee 1911.

1- ?, 2- Jack Salter, 3- Robert Graves, 4- Alfred Wide, 5- Rev de B. Forbes, 6- Mr.Hall (Church Sexton), 7- Mr.Tait, 8- Mr.Pickard, 9- Mr.Brain (Baptist Minister), 10- ?, 11. Frank Hall (butcher), 12- ?, 13. Mr.Lutley, 14–? , 15- Edwin Wide, 16- Mr.Baxter, 17- ?, 18- Bennie Parsons, 19 Tom Lowman, 20- ?, 21, George Hart, 22- ?, 23- John Hart, 24- Mr.Cload.



  1. I am the great nephew of Mr Brain, the Baptist Minister, in this picture. I have never seen a photo of him before. It’s a shame the photo is too small to see his face clearly.

    • Administrator says

      Hi John,
      Thank you for your comment. We need to keep the images on the sites small for several reasons. If you live local to the village then do email us on and we can arrange a convenient time to meet up and go through the archives and see if there are any other images of Mr Brain on our systems.

      • john Lane says

        Hi Andrew

        I can’t remember whether I replied previously but I live in Swindon, Wiltshire. I did visit Hemyock in October 2015 for the 150th anniversary of the Baptist Church. I found a wealth of information regarding Thomas but sadly no photos.

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