A scene from Scrooge 1901

A scene from Scrooge 1901. – Scrooge office, with L to R. Chris Poole as Bob Cratchet, David Stepney as Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, and Chris Dracott as Scrooge.

A scene from Fiddler on The Roof 1986

A scene from Fiddler on The Roof 1986. L to R. Tony Grosse as Tevye, Paulette Daniels, Janet Elworthy, Polly Eden as Tevyes wife, Golde, Faye Patten, Rebekah Bawler, Anne Rochel, and David Stepney.

Iolanthe 1978

Iolanthe 1978 L to R. Gwen Barnes, Alan Bell, Bryony Aston, Barbara Bowden, Tony Grosse, Jack Jones, Penny Trickey, Ron Coe, June Sparks.

Merrie England 1976

Merrie England 1976. Principals – Standing on the left, Alan Bell as Sir Walter Raleigh and Barbara Bowden as Bessie Throckmorton,

Standing front right Polly Eden as Queen Elizabeth and Jack Jones as the Earl of Essex, kneeling are John Ellis, Penny Trickey, John Ives, Sally Jackson, Tony Grosse, and Judith Lord with the full chorus.

Wilts United Dairies 1947/8 Pantomime

Wilts United Dairies c. 1947/8 pantomime, L to R – P. Lowman, S. Northam, P. Northam, Shirley Northam, B. Northam, J. Leckie, R. Trickey, V. Weeks, J. Summers, A. Board, S. McKee, E(?) Alway.

Wilts United Dairies 1947/8 Pantomime Chorus

Wilts United Dairies c. 1947/8 pantomime chorus, L to R. – Y. Summers, A. Alway, K. Trickey, W. Ashton, W. Northam, ? Alway, R. Lowman, E. Hassan, J. Hawkins.

Cast of Lord Richard in The Pantry

Cast of Lord Richard in The Pantry c. early 1930s, L to R.

Standing – Dr. John Griffin Sen., Mr. Prowse, Mr. Cundict, Bill Griffiths, Miss Agar, Rev: L Ketchley, Ted Hassan.

Seated – Mrs Cundict, Miss Ella Hookway, Miss Queenie Pring, Miss Phyllis James, Mrs E. Farrant, Miss Laura Cload.

Cast of Lady Gorringe Necklace

Cast of Lady Gorringe’s Necklace

Hemyock Home Guard, early 1940s

Hemyock Home Guard, early 1940s

L to R Back Row – Geoff James, Leslie Hart, Stanley Salter, Stanley Lowman, Chris Doble, Frank Lowman, George Salter Percy Pike, Albert Salter, Stanley Doble, Harry Richards, Leonard Stuart, Jack Wood, Roy Granger, Harold Durman.

Middle Row – Arthur Shire, Bill Pike, Jack Trenchard, Frank Simmonds, Dennis Pring, Cedric Jenkins, Eric Cubitt, ? Chichester, Jim Hart, Dr. Muir, George Gammon Dick Granger, Walter Lee, Jack Lilley.

Front Row – Fred Clark, Fred Lawrence, Jim Lowman, Bill Alway, Bill Trickey, Dick Pooley, Harold Cubitt, H.O.Lowry, R. Thorne, George Franks, Bill Hutchings, Jim Woodgate, Harry Bale, Bill Bradford, Harry Trickey.