A later group of Hemyock Bellringers in May 1956.

A later group of ringers L-R Les White, Les Morrell, Len Mutter, Dennis Hart, Les Hart, Bert Hill, Rev. Stamp, Tom Bright, Michael Pike and Leonard Netherway. This photograph was taken at Michael Pike’s wedding on 19th May 1956.

Hemyock Bellringers 1949.

Bellringers c. 1949 this was taken at the time of Rev. L. Ketchley’s departure as Rector of Hemyock Church and the arrival of Rev. Stamp

Back row L-R Les Morrell, Dennis Hart, Donald Salter (in RAF uniform) Joe Thomas and Brian Small.

Front row L-R Rev. Ketchley, Charles Trim, Leslie Hart, Michael Pike, Rev. Stamp and Ernest Symons (?)

Laying foundations for the Hemyock Parish Hall, 1927.

Laying the foundation stone for Hemyock Parish Hall in 1927. On the right is the Rector, Rev de Burgh Forbes. And on his right Mr. Jim Hart who built the hall. A time capsule was placed beside this stone at the time. The Rev.Forbes was remembered later the smaller of the rooms in the building was named The Forbes Lounge.

Dennis Hart – 1973

Dennis Hart. Dennis’s family first came to Hemyock in 1702 and have been builders in the village for generations. He has now retired but his son, Steve, continues to run the family business.

Coronation Lunch Committee 1937

Coronation Lunch Committee. 1937. Back Row L to R. John (Jack) Granger, Clarence Redwood, Mr.Howard, Mr.Symons (?), Walter Redwood, Frank Tancock, John Hart, Stan Symons (?)

Front Row – L to R. Bill Drake, – Doble(?), Rev. L. Ketchley, Mr.Strawbridge, Sonny (?) Farmer


The Hemyock Coronation Committee

Coronation Committee 1911.

1- ?, 2- Jack Salter, 3- Robert Graves, 4- Alfred Wide, 5- Rev de B. Forbes, 6- Mr.Hall (Church Sexton), 7- Mr.Tait, 8- Mr.Pickard, 9- Mr.Brain (Baptist Minister), 10- ?, 11. Frank Hall (butcher), 12- ?, 13. Mr.Lutley, 14–? , 15- Edwin Wide, 16- Mr.Baxter, 17- ?, 18- Bennie Parsons, 19 Tom Lowman, 20- ?, 21, George Hart, 22- ?, 23- John Hart, 24- Mr.Cload.


Reg Hart at the top of Pencross

Reg Hart near the top of Pen Cross in 1963.

Reg Hart at Pencross Hill

1963. Reg Hart in a snowdrift with a milk can, at the top of Pencross Hill.