Upottery Home Guard 1939-45

Picture showing men of Upottery Home Guard 1939-1945

The men of Upottery Home Guard

The picture shows 37 members of the Upottery Home guard (1935-1945)

Back row: F. Pym, M. Spiller, Richard Drew, Stanley Wright (Stanley Arthur William Wright born 1921 in Kilmington moved to Highley Farm, Upottery in 1931), Bert Cooke, Ern Joyce, A. Edwards, Len Wyatt, Reg Underdown, Tom Shepherd, Will Harris, Ed Selway, F. Bartlett and Jack Dare.

Second row: J. Baker, R. Edwards, William Bartlett, Cpl. Raymond Reed, W. Edwards, W. Salvage, Stanley Lane, B. Tidball, ? Spiller, J. Edwards, Arthur Quick, S. Retter, Henry Boyland, L. Pincombe and George Bond.

Front row (seated): Cpl. Alf Pavey, Cpl. Les Rowland, Sgt. J. Boyland, (Officer, rank unknown) W. Parris, (Officer, rank unknown but appears to be Lt.) F. Jefferies, Sgt. H. Crabb, Sgt. A. Crabb and Sgt. R. Wyatt.

Can you help with first names?

James and William Berry

Picture of James Berry and son William. 1947.

James and sone William, digging out their Austin 7 Van.

James Berry and his son, William. Taken in 1947, the picture shows them, clearing the snow by hand. Their tiny (by today’s standards) Austin Seven van still has a long way to go!

Do you know the Berry family? Can you tell us more about James and William or why they were battling against the odds, that day?

Football – Hemyock vs Brentford 1949

Hemyock Football Team 1949 - Newspaper Report

Hemyock Football Team 1949 – Newspaper Report



By Yellow Hammer

One of the best games of football seem in the Culm Valley for many years too place at Hemyock, on Saturday, when the home club received a visit from Brentford, the F.A. Division II club, from London.
There was a record crowd of over over [sic] 600 and the visitors included three professionals Woodward, Parker and Francis – in their side.


Early in the second half, Hemyock broke through and Jones brilliantly saved a shot by centre-forward Salter and cleared up field, but the ball was soon back into the Brentford half. Hemyock’s left-winger, Bale, passed to Abbey and again the ball went spinning into the Brentford goal. Hemyock attacked again, but Brown passed the ball to centre-forward Way, who beat the Hemyock backs for Brentford’s second goal.

Hemyock were in no way discouraged, and were soon in the Brentford half again. Abbey, who played a great game, sneaked the ball from Woodward and sent it out to Bale, who in turn shot it into the Brentford goal.
Brentford tried hard to equalise, but Hurst, who gave a masterly exhibition in the Hemyock goal, delighted the crowd by his display in dealing with many difficult shots.


Once more Hemyock took the game into the Brentford half – this time giving Jones a worrying time but they failed to score. After brilliant footwork, Brentford again equalised through Way, and shortly afterwards, Francis again scored for Brentford, taking the lead for the first time. Play was fast and interesting, and just before the end, Bright, being hard pressed, passed back to Hurst, who could not prevent the ball bouncing to the net. The end came with the score 5-3 in Brentford’s favour.


The team played a grand game, and judging by their performance against Brentford should do well in this coming season. The Brentford team were afterwards entertained to tea, and enjoyed a game of skittles and darts.

Hemyock Football Team 1949

Hemyock Football Team 1949

Hemyock: F. Hurst (goal); J. Pitman, J. Parkinson, R. Casely, T. Bright. L. Rowland (capt.), L. Greenslade, R. Abbey, L. Salter, G. Pike and G. Bale.

Brentford: D. Jones (goal) ; J. Yates, Parker, C. Davis, R. Hart, Woodward; J. Blizzard, Francis, H. Brown,  J. Way and A. Hutchins.

Referee: G. G. Butler (Tiverton); linesmen A . Moyland (Taunton League) and A. Seward (Bampton).

Hemyock Football Team 1949 - Player position vs Brentford

Hemyock Football Team 1949 – Player position vs Brentford

Hemyock Football Team 1949 - Programme

Hemyock Football Team 1949 – Programme


History Group Speaker 10 March ’11

Upottery Airfield, England, 22 April 1944.

Upottery Airfield, England, 22 April 1944.

Mr Claud Caple, from the South West Airfields Heritage Trust will be addressing the Hemyock History and Archiving Association on Thursday, 10th March ’11.

The subject is the World War II airfileds at Dunkeswell, Smeatharpe and Culmhead.

New members are warmly welcomed. The talk begins at 7:30pm, in the Church Rooms.

For more information, please contact Mike Cooper on 01823 680175.