Upottery Home Guard 1939-45

Picture showing men of Upottery Home Guard 1939-1945

The men of Upottery Home Guard

The picture shows 37 members of the Upottery Home guard (1935-1945)

Back row: F. Pym, M. Spiller, Richard Drew, Stanley Wright (Stanley Arthur William Wright born 1921 in Kilmington moved to Highley Farm, Upottery in 1931), Bert Cooke, Ern Joyce, A. Edwards, Len Wyatt, Reg Underdown, Tom Shepherd, Will Harris, Ed Selway, F. Bartlett and Jack Dare.

Second row: J. Baker, R. Edwards, William Bartlett, Cpl. Raymond Reed, W. Edwards, W. Salvage, Stanley Lane, B. Tidball, ? Spiller, J. Edwards, Arthur Quick, S. Retter, Henry Boyland, L. Pincombe and George Bond.

Front row (seated): Cpl. Alf Pavey, Cpl. Les Rowland, Sgt. J. Boyland, (Officer, rank unknown) W. Parris, (Officer, rank unknown but appears to be Lt.) F. Jefferies, Sgt. H. Crabb, Sgt. A. Crabb and Sgt. R. Wyatt.

Can you help with first names?


  1. Karen Pinder says

    Top row- S Wright – Stanley Arthur William born 1921 at Kilmington, moved to Highley farm, Upottery 1931

    • Administrator says

      Hi Karen, Many thanks for this. I will try to update the info on the photo. We have a new person working on the web site now starting this week.

  2. Wendy Thornley nee Pavey says

    Visited my 94 yr old mother at the weekend and she was able to give first names to most of these men two of them being a brother and brother in law.
    so here goes apoligies for any incorrect ones but memory does forget how many generations ago it was sometimes;Richard Drew (dick), Stan Wright,Bert Cook, Ern Joyce,Len Wyatt,Reg Underdown,Tom Shepherd,Will Harris,Ed Selway,Fred or Frank Bartlett,Jack Dare.
    William bartlett(Bill),Raymond Reed,Stanley Lane,Arthur Quick,Henry Boyland,Gorden Bond,
    Alf Pavey,Les Rowland
    Hope this helps
    The photo you have of Up ottery school children1928 I think includes my mother but it,s not quite clear enough for me to be sure

    • Administrator says

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you very much for the information which you and your mother have provided us with. I shall update the website this evening to reflect the full names of the men.



  3. George Connelly says

    Hi looking at photo of home guard 39/45 in Uppottery,that were my Dad was born and this picture has many of his Ewards family in it and so many old faces in it.Is there any way I could purchase a copy of this picture.my Dads family was Ewards and lived at Gorhaze farm

    • Administrator says

      Hello George,

      I understand Michael has tried to contact you about this. If you have not heard, please let me know and I will get in touch with him.


  4. john bond says

    I looked at picture of home guards and i am not sure if George Bond is my late dad. He served in the home guars as I have a certificate but never knew where he was stationed and cannot seem to find him anywhere. He did live at Creech St Michael at the time but I have seen a creech St Michael photo but unfortuatelly he was not in it.

    The other reason why I thought it might be him in the upottery picture is my Ancestors came from around that part.

    If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very grateful.

    The home guard picture is small and not very clear so i cannot tell if it looks like my dad Gerge Bond or not. He was always called George but his real name was William George Bond.

    Please e mail me if you know anything.
    Most Grateful John Bond.

  5. Neville Boyland says

    Hi. The Home Guard picture names my Grandfather – Henry James Boyland. Is it possible to purchase a copy?

  6. Steven Bray says

    Hello. My Grandad, Stanley Lane is in the photo but it is a bit too small to see. Any chance of emailing me a bigger photo ? Thanks very much for a most interesting web site.

  7. Brian Johansen says

    I have a photo of my late uncle, Frederick Jack Peters (Jack) in Home Guard uniform, standing ourside Braggs Cottage, Rawridge, Upottery. can you let me have any details of his service.
    Many thanks

  8. Julie ward says

    William Parris. Roy Edwards, William(Bill) Edwards, Arther Crabb, Arther Edwards. Bill was my grandad. Hopefully I’ve got it right!

  9. Julie ward says

    William(Bill) Parris. Roy Edwards, William(Bill) Edwards, Arther Crabb, Arther Edwards. Bill Edwards was my grandad. Hopefully I’ve got it right!

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