Smeatharpe School Chapel or Sanctuary at Smeatharpe School

Upottery Manor was the ancestral home of Viscount Sidmouth and Lady Sidmouth.
In the 1920’s it is said that Lady Sidmouth was concerned that villagers in Smeatharpe were not walking the two miles to the Parish Church in Upottery, but were taking a short stroll to the Baptist Church at Newhouse for Sunday services. As a result, Lady Sidmouth paid for a chapel or sanctuary to be added to the school building at Smeatharpe so that Church of England services could be provided for the villagers of Smeatharpe and children at the school. The Sanctuary was consecrated in 1924 and a brass plaque was mounted there with an inscription.

The Sanctuary at Smeatharpe School

Picture of The Sanctuary, Smeatharpe School, Devon.

The Sanctuary, Smeatharpe School

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The Hymns were 65, 381, 382 and 383 but who was at the service? What can you recall about the Sanctuary?

History Group Speaker 10 March ’11

Upottery Airfield, England, 22 April 1944.

Upottery Airfield, England, 22 April 1944.

Mr Claud Caple, from the South West Airfields Heritage Trust will be addressing the Hemyock History and Archiving Association on Thursday, 10th March ’11.

The subject is the World War II airfileds at Dunkeswell, Smeatharpe and Culmhead.

New members are warmly welcomed. The talk begins at 7:30pm, in the Church Rooms.

For more information, please contact Mike Cooper on 01823 680175.