Kentisbeare School in 1936

Last worker on Whetstone Mine

John Rookley the last man working at Whetstone mine Blackborough. Stopped in 1929.

Garnseys Tower, Blackborough

High Street, Kentisbeare

Kentisbeare Walking Club in 1900

Kentisbeare Walking Club in 1900. Stopped during First World War and never formed again.

Churchinford Band

Horse and Harrow at Kentisebeare in 1920

Mr Edward Goff in field at cottage below Guddiford Mills, Kentisbeare, in 1920. The Mills are now called Goodiford Mills and the Hoseasons Holiday Centre is also called Goodford Mills.

Haymaking at Guddiford Mills, Kentisbeare.

Guddiford Mills is now called Goodiford Mills, Kentisbeare.

Ford T Loader converted by Yeo & Davey of Exeter.

Model T Ford loader owned by Jessie Cottrell converted by Yeo & Davey of Old Tiverton Road, Exeter from an old First World War Ambulance to be used for the rabbit and poultry business.