Wheat field being harvested at Churchill’s Farm. 1923

A field of wheat being harvested at Churchill’s Farm c.1923. Some of the sheaves are already stooked, notice how tall the straw is. Pictured are- adults L to R. Bill Granger, Bob Lowman. George Salter, Jane Clapp, Jack Granger. Children L to R Jack Granger, Winnie Smith and Cissie Granger.


  1. jenny phillips previuoly clapp says

    It is lovely too see so many photos of my relatives from my nans side of our family thankyou so very much the last time i saw this photo i was fifteen years old .

    • jenny phillips previuoly clapp says


    • jenny clapp says

      this picture of my aunty joyce was previously hanging in her back room above her fire place. Thank you for letting me see it again. I used to look up at it while playing xmas songs on her electric organxx

  2. Richard Salter says

    Hi, I have 5 George Salters in my family from that period living there abouts. Can anyone provide any more information. Many regards Richard Salter Nadur, Gozo, Malta

    • Hello Richard, yes there many Salters in the Hemyock area. Which ones are you mainly interested in?
      The person who started these pages was a Marion Salter who then became Marion Churchill. Thanks, Mike Cooper

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