Hemyock Women’s Institute

Members of the Women’s Institute gathered in Hemyock Parish Hall. The occasion was the presentation of the clock on the wall behind the ladies to the parish. The ladies pictured L to R (surnames only):-Back Row – Finch, Naish, LeFevre, Lutley, Lutley, Lowman, Hole, Granger, South, Fuller, Farrant, Bennett. Middle Row- Guppy, Clist, Board, Ackland, Clatworthy, Priestman, Edwards, Doble, Warren, Woodman, Farrant, Baker, Evans. Front Row- Willey, True, Shere, Hallam, Lowry, Netherway, Salter, Pike, Cork, Hutchings. (Photo published courtesy of Express & Echo)


  1. Janice Bawler says

    The person between Hole and South is called Granger

  2. Trudy Shephard says

    Would anyone know when this event was held please? My Great-Aunt was Mrs Edwards. Many thanks, Trudy

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