Original Hemyock Pump


The original Hemyock Pump back in 1890

Riding the Redwood buses in Hemyock

Have a look at these great photos of people enjoying themselves on the Redwood buses from Hemyock.

redwood buses-1 redwood buses-1b Redwood003 Redwood004 Redwood006 Redwood007 Redwood008 redwoods buses 1900-1a

More photos of the Hemyock Milk Factory

Hemyock milk factory. Powder drying machinery.-1 Hemyock Milk Factory-1 Hemyock Milk Factory -2-1 Hemyock milk factory evaporator-1 Hemyock milk factory,  interior of bottom of milk powder plant. Note  powder on conical floor.-1

Snowy Hemyock in 1962

More snow scenes @ Hemyock including  the old  pedestrian footbridge, 1962..-1 More scenes of Hemyock's snow, 1962. Mr. Bill Griffiths is the wearer of the cap. Unmistakedly.-1 More snow scenees, Hemyock milk factory, 1962. Miss Freda Lee , now Bradford, features here after walking in from Ashculm.-1 More snow scenes @ Hemyock & the factory including a welcome tanker of oil.-1

Hemyock school photo, 1958

Hemyock school photo 1958

Views of Hemyock centre

Views of Hemyock centre. E. Lowman.-1c Views of Hemyock centre. E. Lowman.-1a Views of Hemyock centre. E. Lowman.-1b

Milk factory demolition

Milk factory demolition-2-1 Milk factory, demolition-3-1 Milk factory, demolition-4-1 Milk factory, demolition-5-1 Milk factory, demolition-6-1 Milk factory, demolition-7-1 Milk factory-demolition-1-1

Hemyock vs. France

Hemyock vs France-9-1
Hemyock vs France-1
Hemyock vs France-2-1
Hemyock vs France-3-1
Hemyock vs France-4-1
Hemyock vs France-5-1
Hemyock vs France-6-1
Hemyock vs France-7-1
Hemyock vs France-8-1

Centre of Hemyock in 1900

Take a look at this great photo of the centre of Hemyock in 1900.

Hart Hem centre to East 1900