Wessex Saddleback sows being driven through the Square in the 1960s

Five heavily pregnant Wessex Saddleback sows being driven through the Square in the 1960s, notice the man in front is carrying a bucket and broom to ensure that the road is kept clean! Lloyds Bank on the left was still operational, this was before Egypt House, (centre right) was demolished to provide a village car park.

Haymaking Scene at Mackham Farm

Haymaking Scene at Mackham Farm A field of hay being dried and gathered with hand held rakes. The weather was obviously catchy

The final evacuation paperwork

This is the final copy of the farmers, their waggons and carts, the oxen and horses to pull them, and the drivers of the waggons and carts.

Evacuation paper work

These are the working papers detailing the farmers and their waggons and carts together with the names of those who will be evacuated in each vehicle.

Further data on animals and crops in Hemyock

The top section summarises the crop totals in the various things with the parish. The lower section lists labourers and their children, data required to complete Document

Summary document of animals and crops

This is a summary of the animals and crops in the village, prepared from Docs. 3 &4.

Another view of the bomb.

Another view of the bomb.

Unexploded bomb at Mackham Farm

The unexploded bomb at Mackham Farm in WWII with members of the Forbear family, (even the dog is posing for the photo). Presumably the soldier had defused the bomb? At least one other unexploded bomb still remains buried in the area.

More Ayrshire calves bought to maintain the breed in Culm Valley

In 1923, Ayrshire calves were chosen, they even brought a bull calf, seen on the left, to make sure that the Ayrshire breed would remain pure in the Culm Valley.