Otterhead House, 1920


  1. Rita Watson (nee Berry) says

    This may sound strange to you, but as a twelve year old we were passing the Otterhead estate and I looked down beyond the top lake and saw this magnificent house. The next day I told my parents I was off on my bike to explore the house I’d seen. They didn’t really take much notice as they had no idea what I was talking about. When I arrived at the gate house and looked across the grand house that I’d seen the previous day wasn’t there! I couldn’t fathom this out, but I did find the foundation stones and what looked like stables which were tucked away from view. Returning home I told my parents, their response was “Oh that house was knocked down years ago”.
    This vision never went away and of course now with the assistance of the World Wide Web I discovered photos of the grand house, just as I’d seen it and also found that it had been knocked down the year I was born.
    Strange but true!

    • Many thanks for your comment. The family who built the house, I believe, were the family whose main house was in Wales in the valley that was flooded by Welsh Water to create a large reservoir for water for Birmingham.

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