Hemyock Church Fete at the Rectory

Hemyock Church Fete in the 1960’s at the Rectory

Hemyock Rectory Rose bed


  1. susan marlow says

    I lived in the village in the early 1970’s just opposite the rectory – pass by. I would love to get in touch with any of the following people.

    Jackie White
    Collette Avery
    Deborah Perrett
    Rebecca Lord
    Suzanne Hart
    Louise Hart
    Mark Doble
    The Clists
    The Lapworths
    The Greenslades
    The Bentleys
    The Morgans – Tommy, Mickey, Sharon and Cindy.

    I would also like to speak with Tony Grosse – Such an influence in my early years.

    Fond memories.

    Susan Marlow

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