The Upper Culm Valley before, during and after The Great War


The WW1 book The Upper Culm Valley before during and after The Great War was published in 2014.
One of the major stories researched and highlighted was the Battle of Bois des Buttes around the 27th May 1918 when the second Battalion of the Devon Regiment stood to the last man in defiance of the Kaiser’s last offensive with some 100 Divisions of German troops released from the Eastern Front joining the forces on the Western Front to attack around the River Aisne. By standing so firm against unsurmountable odds the 2nd Devons were awarded the Croix de Guerre at a ceremony held in November 1921.
The centenary of this battle will be marked by another ceremony at the memorial on the Aisne on 27th May 2018.


  1. Mike Cooper says

    There are no more books available unless we arrange a new print run. Anyone interested in buying a copy at £10 each so that we can decide whether to pring more?

    • Raymond Watts says

      Is it possible for you to put a download link to a pdf file and charge for it. Even if it is a link to an individual. you could take payment via a bank transfer and then e-mail the pdf. or allow downloads via a cloud server. That might save the publication costs and give you a revenue stream. I might of done that straight away if the price was less than £10.


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