DVD Hemyock Then and Now.

A new DVD of Hemyock over the years is now available from this web site. It tells the story of the Milk Factory from 1886 until it closed for good in 1999. In the latter stages it was employing over 350 people making the national supply of low fat spread. Local people tell the story of the friendly atmosphere and what is hapopeneing in Hemyock now. Send us a message to order a copy for


  1. Mrs S french says

    Hi , is it possible to tell me if this dvd is the one talked about in the gazette on 13 nov, discussing villagers important role in the agricultral industry. If it is how do i get one, paper does not give name of ded. Thankyou Mrs French

    • Administrator says


      Yes the ‘Hemyock Then and Now’ DVD was mentioned in the Towns and Villages section of the Somerset Gazette a few weeks ago.

      I will ask Michael to contact you directly about the DVD, alternatively if you email us at info@blackdownarchives.oeg.uk we can contact you directly.


    • Administrator says

      Hello Mrs French, Can you confirm that you received the DVD Hemyock Then and Now and if so could you make a comment about the DVD on the web site please. Thank you.

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