Cornhill, Hemyock

View of Cornhill up Castle Hill between 1902-1912

View of Cornhill up Castle Hill between 1902-1912

This scene shows the old cottages on Cornhill, heading out of Hemyock and up Castle Hill.

The cottages on the right, are long since gone. The building in the upper left of the shot, is the Church Rooms.We knew the picture was taken pre-1912 because of the loss of the cottages. Having reviewed the image again, together with modern footage of the same scene, we now also know, the picture was taken after 1902 – the date of construction of the house in the left of the picture, which is still standing.


  1. Amanda Binnie says

    Hi, I was interest in finding out a bit more about where we live having seen the pictures in the June/ July version of the Parish.
    We live in Castle Cottage in Hemyock (EX15 3RQ) which I am pretty sure is the cottage on the far right of this picture. The thatch and cottages to the left (in the picture) are all gone but our cottage is very much still here. I’d be happy to send you a photo.
    Do you know the approx age of the cottage?

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