Churchinford Post Office

Churchinford Post Office

Churchinford Post Office

Churchinford’s Post Office remains largely unchanged, in structure. The Post Office and stores closed for business at Christmas, 2010. The building was advertised for sale in February, 2011.

The petrol pumps, dispensing Shell, Esso and BP fuel (at 1’/4) have long since gone and the underground tanks filled with concrete. There is a doorway marking the entrance to the new ‘Old Post Office’ building, where the pumps used to be.

The telephone kiosk appears to be a K3 design. These were introduce in 1927. Rural communities were shocked by the bright red colour and so these were often painted cream with red for the glazing bars. They were actually made from pre-cast concrete but were quite fragile. Only 12,000 were introduced to the UK. Interesting to note, is the absence of the crown above the door; both K2’s and K4’s had the crown. The original shape of the familiar red kiosk by Giles Gilbert Scott, was said to be taken from the design of the tomb (in St Pancras’ Old Churchyard) of Sir John Soane – architect of the Bank of England.

The poster on the wall above the pumps boasts ‘The Finest Job in the World’ and encourages men to ‘Join the Army’. The sign above the door advertises ‘Post Office for Money Order, Savings Bank, Parcel Post, Telegraph, Insurance and Annuity Business’.


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