An Uffculme Postcard

A post card showing Fore Street, Uffculme in Devon.

Outside 16 and 14 Fore Street, Uffculme

This postcard was sent to Mrs L Pope, of 2 Coldharbour, Uffculme. The date is unknown, as is the identity of the sender, ‘A. L.’.

Uffculme Cricket Club

Undated picture of the Uffculme Cricket Club, Devon.

Uffculme Cricket Club

These days it is hard to imagine cricket in Devon being played in waistcoats and ties!

It obviously happened at some stage, as this picture of the Uffculme Cricket Club shows.

This picture has no notes, so we can tell you little more about how was part of the club – do you know?

Picture of an Uffculme Cricket Club match, Devon.

A view of the match

St. Mary’s Church Uffculme

Picture of the inside of St Mary's Uffculme, Devon

Uffculme Church

St. Mary’s Church at Uffculme is a grade two listed building, and can trace its roots to the early 1100’s.

The steeple can be seen in the backdrop of many an Uffculme photograph, of any date.There are now eight bells, all of which were recast in 1927.Its mix of architectural styles seems to culminate in the Victorian adaptions carried out by the Exeter based architect, John Hayward.The rood screen which dates to the 15th century, is said to be the longest in Devon, at an impressive 67ft (20.4 metres).The font is carved from Caen stone after a design by Samuel Knight. It was given to St. Mary’s in 1843 and was sited at its current position in 1927.The organ dates from 1841 and after several alterations, improvements and moves, was placed in its current position in 1981.

Cottage Down An Uffculme Lane

Picture of a cottage down an Uffculme lane, Devon

An Uffculme Cottage

This pretty little image appears to be in the Uffculme area. We are working on trying to get a better resolution so we might be able to pick out some more detail and information. If we can, we’ll update this entry.

Fore Street, Uffculme

Picture of Fore Street, Uffculme in 1891

Fore St., Uffculme. 1891.

Clearing the snow in Fore Street, Uffculme. This image from 1891 was taken at the top of Kents Close, just outside number 10, Fore Street. St. Mary’s Church and Uffculme Square are the other side of the houses.

Uffculme Bridge

Picture of Uffculme Bridge, Devon

Uffculme Bridge

Uffculme Bridge was erected in 1875. This picture shows three men standing on the opposite bank. There is no indication of who they might be. The picture is currently undated.

East Street & Kitwell Street, Uffculme

Picture looking down East Street, towards Kitwell Street in Uffculme, Devon

The old Baker’s shop at No. 6 East Street on the immediate right

Taken in the show of the Mill, at High Street. This picture looks south-east, down East Street, towards Kitwell Street, Uffculme.

On the immediate right of the shot, is the old baker’s, owned by Mr Richards, at number 6 East Street – now a private home.

Highland Terrace, Uffculme

Shot of Highland Terrace, Uffculme, Devon, taken from Commercial Road looking NNW

Highland Terrace, Uffculme, taken from Commercial Road.

The houses stand above the bowling green on what is now the childrens’ play park and should give a clue to the date of this picture. From comments to this web site from local residents we are gradually improving the information abut photos.

Taken from Commercial Road and facing North-North-West, these houses have now been demolished in 1980 and relaced by new houses and roads. Google Street View.

Coldharbour, Uffculme

Picture of Coldharbour, Uffculme, Devon.  Date unknown.

Heading south, down Coldharbour, just after Grantlands.

With your back to Commercial Road (B3440), this shot looks down Coldharbour, heading south. Grantlands would be back over your left shoulder.

The tree on the right has long gone and parking is a little more of a challenge, these days!

Please tell us what you know about this scene?