The Old Castle Gate with George Barton.

Old Castle Gate, c. 1900 with George Barton.

Hemyock bellringers 1908.

Postcard of the Hemyock bellringers with the Bishop of Exeter in 1908 for the reopening of the bells.

Band of Hope at Hemyock

The Culmstock Band at St Mary’s Hemyock in 1900 leading Band of Hope March.

School Photo from 1900


Photo of Hemyock School in 1900 with Mr Baxter.

Clist wedding in 1900

Wedding of Mary Clist and Mr Carrick in 1900 with reception at Mountlands, Hemyock.

Clist wedding at Mountlands in 1911

The wedding between Ellen Clist and Edward Farrant in 1911. Picture taken at Mountlands after the wedding.

The Friendly Society Dinner in June 1906

After the parade came the Friendly Society Dinner. This one was held in June 1906 and was in the school. The room was decorated with flowers and foliage. On the wall are a number of suitable posters stating that, The Flowing Tide is With Us, Unity is Strength and, Bear Ye One Another’s Burden, together with the Union Flag and the Rational Societies Emblem.

Culmstock Silver Band

Culmstock Silver Band at a White Monday Friendly Society celebration in the early 1900s. The Friendly Society was one of thousands throughout the country that provided benefits for it’s members who suffered hardship through illness, accidents or death, in exchange for weekly contributions. These clubs played an essential part in our villages in pre-Welfare State provision. Hemyock’s club was a branch of the Rational Friendly Society. Several of the men are wearing badges of office.

Cornhill, Hemyock

View of Cornhill up Castle Hill between 1902-1912

View of Cornhill up Castle Hill between 1902-1912

This scene shows the old cottages on Cornhill, heading out of Hemyock and up Castle Hill.

The cottages on the right, are long since gone. The building in the upper left of the shot, is the Church Rooms.We knew the picture was taken pre-1912 because of the loss of the cottages. Having reviewed the image again, together with modern footage of the same scene, we now also know, the picture was taken after 1902 – the date of construction of the house in the left of the picture, which is still standing.