Calf Club Inspection of Calves in 1921


  1. Stuart Howe says

    My grandfather and his brother entered this competition. Something about Canada was a prize

    • Hello Stuart, yes, the prizewinners in 1921 were sent on a 6 month period at Winnipeg Agrucutural College, Manitoba to learn about milk production and how to increase milk yields from different breeds of cattle. In fact the best breed were Holstein Fresians from the low countries in Europe and the Canadians brought them into Canada before they became the breed of choice for milk in the UK. The consultant from Canada came over to the Hemyock Milk Factory, advised the company, initiated the Calf Club in Hemyock, which of course became the first branch of the Young Farmers in the country. and organised the 6 winners to go to Winninpeg, sponsored by the Daily Mail. The UK after the first world war needed more nutricious food for our youngsters since we were very low in food production due to the lack of farm workers.

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