Uploading files for our Great War Project

Following a successful meeting at the Church Rooms on the 3rd September, many wheels are now in motion and the project structure is taking form.

One area which was discussed was the ability for people to upload documents to a central folder. This has now been created and for ease you can simply select the file you want to upload and click ‘Upload To dropbox!’ and it will appear in our folders.

If you are uploading information in this way, please also email ww1@blackdownarchives.org.uk. Equally, if you are having any problems uploading documents just get in touch via email.

The material added to the Blackdown Archives web site and dropbox is protected by the Trustees of the HH&AA. Approval for its use must be obtained from the Trustees of the Association

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  1. Ernie Wide says

    Re your Great War Project – during my study of the WIDE family I have collected various documents some may, or may not be suitable for your project.

    Wellington Weekly News 07/11/1917 obituary of Pte. Percy Wide SLI – killed in action. Also a photo of his detailsl on the Tyne Cot memorial.

    13/11/1918 short note re Cpl. Howard WIDE – wounded in action.

    09/04/1919 report re Lt. Leonard WIDE in Mesopotania.

    These news cuttings were photographed in poor light but I would be happy to provide transscriptions.
    I think I have some other info in my files please advise if this type of info is of use to you.

    If so please advise a suitable email address – I am on egwide@sky.com

    I typed this message once before but ‘lost it’ – my apologies if it reached you and caused confusion.

    Regards, Ernie Wide – Poynton, Cheshire

    • Administrator says

      Hello Mr Wide
      We thank you for sending your material on the Wide family by post to us. We are now working on writing an article on the Wide family for the book we are publishing in 2014. We will be replying to your letter and keep you informed.
      Many thanks and a Heppy Christmas. Michael Cooper and the WW1 team.

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